The Sidelines

Election years are such a busy season. Kaya minsan na lang ako magsurat sa mga Bicol-based newspapers. Kadaklan kaya kan output ko, either for IPD or for selected clients. But since tapos na ang elections, I will be devoting some of my time to write again for a local paper — the Albay Journal.

Aside from being a publisher of the now defunct The Public Eye, I also used to write with the Bicol Chronicle, Peryodiko Bikol, Bicol News Weekly Digest, and Tirador. There was even a time that I just write and these were syndicated all through out the region. Kaso mapagal. Gusto kan mga publishers, exclusive. So I was forced to write at least a column for each of the said newspapers. Kaya lang, pag may nasasabat ako tapos sinasabihan ako na magayon su sinurat ko, garo ako dangag dahil dai ko aram kun arin sa mga sinurat ko an sinasabi kan kauron ko. For that reason, I decided to retain only my column for the Chronicle. The column is dubbed as “E-Notes”. Pero dahil kaiba kan trabaho ko (which is my bread and butter) an magbiyahe, medyo nagbawas su oras ko sa pagsurat. Dagdag pa su mga election-related na trabaho. From time to time, though, nagsusurat pa man ako sa Bicol Chronicle. Even at this time na magsusurat na ako sa Albay Journal.

Regularly, though, I write for Political Brief, a professional journal circulating in the country and abroad. From time to time, I also write for Conjucture, also a quarterly magazine. These, in addition to the articles I regularly upload in the web for IPD and other institutions.

Siguro, writing is just a passion. It’s like a drug that’s so addicting, and a love that never dies.


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