Storybook: An enot na puon nin kalunggay

Carlos A. Arejola‘s new illustrated children’s storybook will be launched in July at a children’s librarian confab in Naga City. The reverse side of this back-to-back book in Bikol and English is The Moringa Cookbook for Children by Henry Villamor with illustrations by Ryan Cuatrona.

cover enot na puon nin kalunggay

Text and pics from Apo Gonzales.


Local history, political slants and moving forward

One of the failures of our local cultural and historical commissions is keeping files, documents, artifacts and other evidences of the past. This could be attributed to the lack of funding from the local government units (LGU) which could be traced further to political polarization and partisanship. A clear fact: Rarely will one find a local government unit website that publishes the names of its past leaders – only the current ones.

The practice is not historical revisionism per se. It is actually trying to erase political memories and name recall especially in areas where the turnover of the local chief executives is high. In simple terms, the more politically contentious an area is, the higher the probability that the current administration will not publish the list of its political leaders particularly post-Marcos era. This is what I found out when I was building my database on local politicians. Cases in point are the Albay and Camarines Sur provincial websites. Since 1986, Albay has been under seven governors so nowhere in its site will you find the names of these governors. Camarines Sur, on the other hand, only has four governors since 1986 so the clan occupying the post – the Villafuertes – were too confident to publish the names of its other governors even pre-EDSA People Power I.

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