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Congressional Candidates — Camarines Norte

One of those affected by the Congressional District boom is Camarines Norte. Before, there is only one congressional district for the province. Dahil sa paglobo kan populasyon kaya binanga ini sa duwa. According to the 1987 Constitution, a congressional district must have a population of at least 250,000 and according to the 2007 census, Camarines … Continue reading Congressional Candidates — Camarines Norte


Congressional Candidates — Albay

The province of Albay has three legislative districts.  Dai ini naapektuhan kan biglaang paglobo kan mga distrito sa Pilipinas. A total of nine candidates is vying for the congressional posts -- 2 from the First District, 3 from the Second District, and 4 from the Third District. These are as follows: District 1 Wilfredo L. … Continue reading Congressional Candidates — Albay

VAT-Man: The Dark Days

Even before the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight” is officially shown in Philippine theaters, the Arroyo Government, intentionally or not, already has its own version of the story. The title – “VAT-man: The Dark Days”. The film will start rolling when former senator Ralph Recto assumes the directorship of the National Economic and Development Authority … Continue reading VAT-Man: The Dark Days