The Town of Del Gallego

Del Gallego is the town on the northern most tip of Camarines Sur. This is where the Quirino Highway road meets the first town of Quezon province, Tagkawayan. Little is known about the history of the town of Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.  Information taken from the old residents revealed that in the latter part of the Spanish regime, this … Continue reading The Town of Del Gallego

Kansyon kang Mahiwas na Dalan, I — Hamudyong

Magian an puso asin bitis, ako minapoon kan sakong pagbaklay, Mabaskog, talingkas, an kinaban nasa sakong hampangan, Dadarahon ako kan tinampong ini sain man gusto kong dumanan . Puon ngonian, dae ako minahagad nin swerteng maray, ako na mismo iyan Puon ngonian, dae na ako minanguyngoy, dae na minahalat, daeng ibang kaipuhan, Tapos na ang … Continue reading Kansyon kang Mahiwas na Dalan, I — Hamudyong