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2019 Elections: Albay Provincial Candidates

The filing of candidacies for the 2019 elections revealed a few surprises in the Province of Albay. This is because of the events at the national level that necessitated some realignments at the local level. It should be noted that the 2019 election is a midterm election and will test the public's support for the … Continue reading 2019 Elections: Albay Provincial Candidates


Mayor Jesse Robredo in the DILG

After a long wait, former Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo now sits as the Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). Marurumduman na an puwesto pinag-iinteresan man ni Vice President Jejomar Binay. According to the DILG website, Robredo's qualifications include the following: Sec. Robredo is a multi-awarded local chief executive of Naga … Continue reading Mayor Jesse Robredo in the DILG

Is political realignment for real in Bicol?

The Bicolano vote generally is an opposition vote when it comes to the national elections and an administration vote in the local elections. This is what I found out when I did my paper, "Post-Marcos Elections and The Changing Mentality Behind the Bicolano Vote". But with the sinking of the Palaka or Partido Lakas-KAMPI and … Continue reading Is political realignment for real in Bicol?

Congressional Candidates — Camarines Norte

One of those affected by the Congressional District boom is Camarines Norte. Before, there is only one congressional district for the province. Dahil sa paglobo kan populasyon kaya binanga ini sa duwa. According to the 1987 Constitution, a congressional district must have a population of at least 250,000 and according to the 2007 census, Camarines … Continue reading Congressional Candidates — Camarines Norte

Jose Ignacio Paua, Uragon

Apart from Russia and Georgia, China is also making headlines the past few days. The land of Yao Ming and Jackie Chan hosts the Olympics, that's why. But more than sports, China is also the talk of the world for its computer generated fireworks and lip synch during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics at … Continue reading Jose Ignacio Paua, Uragon

Larry Alcala: Cartoonist, Uragon

Who says Bikolanos are only good in singing (Imelda Papin, Nora Aunor), or acting (Eddie Garcia, Nora Aunor, Dina Bonnevie)? For those who do not know yet, Bicolanos are also good cartoonists. One of the most successful Bicolano cartoonists is Larry Alcala who hailed from Daraga, Albay. Larry belongs to the Alcala clan one of … Continue reading Larry Alcala: Cartoonist, Uragon