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The Poverty in the Bicol Region

A colleague asked: The Bicol Region is rich in natural as well as human resources. How come it still remains poor? I immediately remember the stories about Japan after World War II. It was so poor and so war torn, how come the Land of the Rising Sun still became rich? I was tongue-tied at … Continue reading The Poverty in the Bicol Region

B for “Baao”

One of the municipalities close to my heart is the Municipality of Baao, Camarines Sur. It is also one of the places that struck my interest during our Bicol Class under Prof. Arcilla. It's because, according to her, if there is a pioneer for night markets, it is Baao. Indeed, as opposed to other public … Continue reading B for “Baao”

Bicol Politics: The Case of Naga City

The past days were very busy days for me. No, I did not do a poll on the credibility rating of Jun Lozada. Neither did I prepare analysis for the crisis that Gloria Arroyo is facing once again. There was just this friend from the US who had requests that I have to attend to … Continue reading Bicol Politics: The Case of Naga City