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Congressional Candidates — Camarines Norte

One of those affected by the Congressional District boom is Camarines Norte. Before, there is only one congressional district for the province. Dahil sa paglobo kan populasyon kaya binanga ini sa duwa. According to the 1987 Constitution, a congressional district must have a population of at least 250,000 and according to the 2007 census, Camarines … Continue reading Congressional Candidates — Camarines Norte


Gubernatorial contenders for Bicol

Letters are flooding my e-mail: Nata daa ta wara na ki bagong entry? It's been a while, indeed. Pero para makabawi, let's have a round up of the gubernatorial contenders for the 2010 elections as a starter. Albay Joey Salceda -- Lakas-KAMPI CMD Linda Montayre -- KKK Marcelino Cortes -- PGRP Expected winner si Salceda. … Continue reading Gubernatorial contenders for Bicol