A dish called “Kinalas”

The Iriga City visit is still fresh on my mind as until now I am still dreaming of eating “Kinalas”. It’s one of those things I missed in the city, a weird dish unique to Iriga. The last time I ate one was in 2004.

So what is “kinalas”? It’s actually a combination of a soupy Pansit Bato and “dinuguan” or locally known as “inulas”. Depending on one’s taste buds, it is usually seasoned with chili sauce, black pepper and vinegar. Pansit Bato and dinuguan are prepared separately. The typical serving is a bowlful of Pansit Bato with a cup of dinuguan as toppings. It tastes best when served hot and with “turon” or fried banana wrapped in lumpia wrapper.

For our non-Bicolano visitors (thanks to WP our blog is also being read by non-Filipinos based on the hits, emails and IP addresses recorded in my account), Pansit Bato is a locally produced noodle from the Municipality of Bato in Camarines Sur. There are variations of the same (Pansit Legazpi, Pansit Baao, etc.) but one can see and taste the difference as Pansit Bato has small strands and is more tasty. Dinuguan, meanwhile, is a typical Filipino dish made of pig’s blood. But unlike the typical dinuguan, Bicolanos use coconut milk instead of cooking oil and there are more green peppers, of course.

The pond in the middle of Iriga City