Ang kanta ni Papa

The only times I hear my father sing are during Holy Weeks. Ang kanta niya, ‘pasyon’. Su dakul na ” ahahaahhhh”. Which reminds me of Tarzan. Pero bako po siya si Tarzan. Bako man siya kapamilya ni Barok dahil mestizo siya. Mana kay lolo na maputi, halangkaw ang dungo saka garo may halong Kastila.

Anyway, as I was saying, my father is a singer of ‘pasyon’. Whether the proper Bikol noun for singers like him is “cantor” or “cantador”, I am not sure. But he really sings pasyon, a religious song that lasts for 24 hours. And he sings well. Pasyon is a family tradition from his generation backwards. Some cousins, though, are still engaged with it but not all.

Aside from pasyon, I rarely hear my father sing any song. Medyo shy type si paderes saka bako maribok. He encourages us to sing, though, and even gave us musical instruments as gifts. The other rare occasion that I was able to make him sing a song was when Prof. Eden Nasayao mandated us to submit Bicol folk songs and literatures in one of her English classes. One song my father sang is Salampati which he recalled from memory and I quote:



Salampating guminaro,

Guminaro dahil sako.

Ano daw an kinamundo

Luminayog nin harayo.


Luminayog paibaba,

Tuminuro sakong luha,

Naging salog, naging sapa

Naging danao na dakula.


It’s a sad song though. I have been trying to recall it from memory two days ago when I almost hit a dove while driving. It was only this morning that I was able to recall the lyrics. Too bad we don’t have a repository of such songs. Hopefully such songs will not fade and hopefully, there are still fathers who can recall such songs from memory.