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An diklom ni Maria

It's been a while since my last post. Sometimes, it's hard to balance work and hobby the way one tries to balance a newspaper on one hand and a 10 kilogram rice while treading a four-inch thick wet rice paddy. But of course, Biklish is lucky for having friends who regularly visit and drop some … Continue reading An diklom ni Maria

“Agimadmad” and DTN’s translations of the rawit-dawits

I must admit I did not give due attention to the words used by Nery Ronatay in his poems (see here and here). The same with the poems of M.I. (found here and here). I just felt them by the heart just like a melody that lulls a soul. Until somebody told me: Don't you … Continue reading “Agimadmad” and DTN’s translations of the rawit-dawits

An Harong Ko Nipa

(Another version and almost exact translation of the folksong "Bahay Kubo" shared by Atty. Benjie of Bulan Observer) An harong ko nipa Minsan ngani sadit Manga maritas diyan nasasaray Singkamas asin talong Sigarilyas asin mani Sitaw, bataw patani Kundol, patola, upo kalabasa Sa kadakul-dakul pang labanos Mustasa, sibulyas, kamatis Bawang saka luya Sa palibot may … Continue reading An Harong Ko Nipa