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2019 Elections: Legazpi City Candidates

Legazpi City's election this May 2019 will not be as exciting as the election a decade ago. Incumbent Mayor Noel Rosal has no formidable challenger -- only the lesser known independent candidate Emmanuel Nabor. Oscar Cristobal has likewise no opponent for vice mayor. In the race for the legislative seats, seven of the ten councilors … Continue reading 2019 Elections: Legazpi City Candidates


A break, at last!

Since January, work was heavy. Dakul nagtataram: Maray pa ngaya an trabaho mo pa-easy-easy lang. I smiled and murmured to myself: Kung aram mo lang. It was seven months. Pero pagmate ko, it was seven decades. Lalo pa kung maagi ka sa mauntog na dinayang highway asin mamrublema sa traffic sa Legazpi o kaya mapagalan … Continue reading A break, at last!