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Is political realignment for real in Bicol?

The Bicolano vote generally is an opposition vote when it comes to the national elections and an administration vote in the local elections. This is what I found out when I did my paper, "Post-Marcos Elections and The Changing Mentality Behind the Bicolano Vote". But with the sinking of the Palaka or Partido Lakas-KAMPI and … Continue reading Is political realignment for real in Bicol?

Congressional Candidates — Sorsogon

Unlike the other provinces, Sorsogon is towards geographical consolidation rather than division. It should be noted that in 200_, the Municipalities of Sorsogon and Bacon merged to what is now known as the City of Sorsogon. Hence, no moves to divide the congressional districts of the province occurred. But while there is geographical consolidation, the … Continue reading Congressional Candidates — Sorsogon

Congressional Candidates — Catanduanes

Unlike the Camarines Provinces, Catanduanes did not benefit from the congressional district boom. As of 2007 census kaya, 232,757 lang an populasyon kan island-province. For 2010 elections, there are four congressional candidates in Catanduanes and these are the following: SANCHEZ , MANUEL LUIS SANTELICES -- Independent SARMIENTO, CESAR VERGARA -- LP VERCELES, LEANDRO JR . … Continue reading Congressional Candidates — Catanduanes

Congressional Candidates — Camarines Norte

One of those affected by the Congressional District boom is Camarines Norte. Before, there is only one congressional district for the province. Dahil sa paglobo kan populasyon kaya binanga ini sa duwa. According to the 1987 Constitution, a congressional district must have a population of at least 250,000 and according to the 2007 census, Camarines … Continue reading Congressional Candidates — Camarines Norte

Mt. Iriga and its other names

Shakespeare once said: A rose by any name would smell as sweet. Siguro arog man kaan an bulod. A mountain by any name would look majestic just the same. Like Mt. Iriga which is the name I call the mountain at the city in Rinconada. Dai ko kaya aram an ngaran so I called it … Continue reading Mt. Iriga and its other names

The concept of “Turugbong na Tubo”

Sitting president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is now maintaining a very active presence in the Bicol Region. Does this show that the “turugbong na tubo” is already at work in exchange for the election of the presidential son, Datu, as a District Representative of the First District of Camarines Sur? And if so, will this be … Continue reading The concept of “Turugbong na Tubo”

Names and Places

It is oft said that names bear meanings. Abraham, for instance, means "father of the multitude of nations" which goes true with Abraham of the Bible, and Abe Lincoln of the United States. With the names of places we have, for instance, "Camarines" which originated from the Spanish term "Camarin" meaning "granary". In a way … Continue reading Names and Places