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Past Governors of Bicol – Masbate

Masbate is known as "the wild, wild west of the Philippines" and "the poor man sitting in the pot of gold". Thanks to recent developments, the province is starting to shelve these names. Election observers for the May 2010 elections found Masbate to be relatively peaceful compared with the previous elections, and that the National … Continue reading Past Governors of Bicol – Masbate


A break, at last!

Since January, work was heavy. Dakul nagtataram: Maray pa ngaya an trabaho mo pa-easy-easy lang. I smiled and murmured to myself: Kung aram mo lang. It was seven months. Pero pagmate ko, it was seven decades. Lalo pa kung maagi ka sa mauntog na dinayang highway asin mamrublema sa traffic sa Legazpi o kaya mapagalan … Continue reading A break, at last!

The “An Daya” Highway

Because of the elections, I was in Bicol almost every other week.  I used to travel by southroad as it's both convenient and relaxing. It's a bit expensive, though, especially if one considers gas and the toll fees. Maray sana ta dai pa nag-implementar kan 300% SLEX toll fee increase kan mga nakaaging bulan kundi … Continue reading The “An Daya” Highway


There are three ways to reach Bicol Region: By air, by sea, and by land. There are also three ways to travel by land: By train (which is currently being rehabilitated), by commuting, and, well yes, by South Road. The term "south road" never dawned on me until a revered consultant and former NEDA Director, … Continue reading Southroad

Iriga City: Inch by inch towards development

Slowly but surely. This could be the best description one can give on the development efforts of Iriga City's local government unit headed by Mayor Madel Alfelor-Gazmen. Looking for an historical note on Iriga, I found Frank Penones's article Iriga's Colonial Economy. Frank narrated how Iriga's economy started from purely agriculture-based economy such as growing … Continue reading Iriga City: Inch by inch towards development

CamSur elections: A Double Whammy for the Alfelors

The recently concluded elections brought a double whammy to the Alfelor Clan, one of the major political forces in Camarines Sur. Felix "Nancing" Alfelor, Jr., lost his bid for provincial governor while his brother, and Emmanuel "Manny" Alfelor Sr., failed to catch the congressional seat by a very narrow margin. Hence the question: Where did … Continue reading CamSur elections: A Double Whammy for the Alfelors

Will Noynoy bag the Bicol vote?

If there is a best word to describe the way politics and elections is handled in the Philippines, it would be "tantiya". The reasons include the facts that Filipino politics is personality-based, and statistics seem to be an alien subject even among political analysts. This is undeniable because even the Commission on Elections, the supposedly … Continue reading Will Noynoy bag the Bicol vote?