Balagtasan Bikol-style and the piece “Sagkod Ngunian”

The Tagalogs are known for "balagtasan" or the tradition of debating in verse. The Bikolanos, too, has a similar art and it is known as "Tigsikan". Tigsikan is derived from "Tigsik" or the art of expressing a toast or an idea in the form similar to that of the Japanese "Haiku". Tigsikan is usually heard … Continue reading Balagtasan Bikol-style and the piece “Sagkod Ngunian”


Top Posts and Another Ronatay Piece

There are three posts that have been very active these days. These are Idolizing Jose Rizal; Kung Sabihon kong Dae na Ako Namomoot by our friend, Nery Ronatay; and, An Rawit-Dawit Kan Sarong Tawong-Lipod by our reader, M.I. While the Rizal post is understandable being a part of the academics, the last two are surprising. … Continue reading Top Posts and Another Ronatay Piece

An rawit-dawit kan sarong “tawong-lipod”

Even before the Spaniards came, Bicolanos already believe in spirits. Bako tabi su ispiritung nakakaboyong. Ini su mga inaapod na "tawong-lipod". Kapamilya sinda kan mga inaapod na duwende, engkanto, asin iba pa. Pero literally speaking, igwa man ki mga tawong-lipod na puwede mo mahiling, makaptan, asin maka-istorya. Ini su mga tawong lipod sa ngonyan na … Continue reading An rawit-dawit kan sarong “tawong-lipod”