The Imperials in Bicol History (Part I)

The phrase "Imperial of Albay" is usually associated with the terms "politicians", "political clan", "powerholders", "patrons"  and the like. In most cases, the association extends to something negative as the politicians from the Imperial clan are being blamed for the misfits of the province either because of sheer ignorance, pure hatred, or even jealousy. But … Continue reading The Imperials in Bicol History (Part I)


An Pag-imon nin Sambay

By: Nery Nuyda Ronatay Sa katotohanan maimon kong sambay An satuyang minamawot sa mga pagtaram Iyong pagkamoot na luway-luway nangingidam Bagay na gusto niyatong tunay makaputan Bako sanang pirming mapangatorogan. Nata, bako daw kitang tunay na mga para-habol Sa unibersong nakabado kan satuyang ilusiyon? Bakong kita nanggad ang matinios na santo Duman sa satuyang mamuraway … Continue reading An Pag-imon nin Sambay

“Agimadmad” and DTN’s translations of the rawit-dawits

I must admit I did not give due attention to the words used by Nery Ronatay in his poems (see here and here). The same with the poems of M.I. (found here and here). I just felt them by the heart just like a melody that lulls a soul. Until somebody told me: Don't you … Continue reading “Agimadmad” and DTN’s translations of the rawit-dawits