Author: J.A. Carizo

Leak-plugging or Re-piping?

The September 27, 2008 editorial of the Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled “Plugging the Leak” gave us an insight on some of the realities surrounding the budget process of the country. It implied that while the “power of the purse” remains with the Congress, the “power over the contents of the purse”, the way and how … Continue reading Leak-plugging or Re-piping?


Balagtasan Bikol-style and the piece “Sagkod Ngunian”

The Tagalogs are known for "balagtasan" or the tradition of debating in verse. The Bikolanos, too, has a similar art and it is known as "Tigsikan". Tigsikan is derived from "Tigsik" or the art of expressing a toast or an idea in the form similar to that of the Japanese "Haiku". Tigsikan is usually heard … Continue reading Balagtasan Bikol-style and the piece “Sagkod Ngunian”

Top Posts and Another Ronatay Piece

There are three posts that have been very active these days. These are Idolizing Jose Rizal; Kung Sabihon kong Dae na Ako Namomoot by our friend, Nery Ronatay; and, An Rawit-Dawit Kan Sarong Tawong-Lipod by our reader, M.I. While the Rizal post is understandable being a part of the academics, the last two are surprising. … Continue reading Top Posts and Another Ronatay Piece

An rawit-dawit kan sarong “tawong-lipod”

Even before the Spaniards came, Bicolanos already believe in spirits. Bako tabi su ispiritung nakakaboyong. Ini su mga inaapod na "tawong-lipod". Kapamilya sinda kan mga inaapod na duwende, engkanto, asin iba pa. Pero literally speaking, igwa man ki mga tawong-lipod na puwede mo mahiling, makaptan, asin maka-istorya. Ini su mga tawong lipod sa ngonyan na … Continue reading An rawit-dawit kan sarong “tawong-lipod”