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The phrase “Imperial of Albay” is usually associated with the terms “politicians”, “political clan”, “powerholders”, “patrons”  and the like. In most cases, the association extends to something negative as the politicians from the Imperial clan are being blamed for the misfits of the province either because of sheer ignorance, pure hatred, or even jealousy. But unknown to most, especially the younger generations, the clan has also contributed a lot to the socio-economic (and sometimes, even political) development of Albay and the Bicol Region.

This piece does not seek to be a hagiography of the clan. Biklish is not conceived to be a venue for “praise releases”. Neither is Biklish intended to be a hate site. The objective of the piece is to present some patches of history that is never written in the pages of Bicol development. A portion of this piece will come out as a chapter in the book on local politics entitled “Breaking Local Monopolies of Power: The Case of the Imperials of the Province of Albay”. Other portions were also presented in the Philippine Political Science International Conference presented by this author in Dumaguete City.


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One of the top posts in my blog the past few weeks is Idolizing Jose Rizal. It receives at least 20 hits a day and is the number 1 in terms of keyword search. In the past few months, the high-hitting articles are those I wrote about poverty in the Bicol Region and the Politics of Rice.


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Among the most visited post in this blog is the article “Past Governors of Bicol“. Some even dropped comments one of which goes:

O wait, but there isn’t any initiative to learn more about Bicol’s past leaders, is there?

According to former UP President Dodong Nemenzo: The problem with our contemporary history is that it still dates back during the Spanish period.

In simple terms, our historians fell asleep and thought they still live in the years immediately preceding the Spanish era. Or they time-travelled and accidentally hit the wrong button and went back to the past instead of going “back to the future”?


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Photo courtesy of DX at www.skyscrapercity.com/

Gen. Jose Ignacio Paua (Photo courtesy of DX at http://www.skyscrapercity.com)

Apart from Russia and Georgia, China is also making headlines the past few days. The land of Yao Ming and Jackie Chan hosts the Olympics, that’s why. But more than sports, China is also the talk of the world for its computer generated fireworks and lip synch during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics at Beijing. In addition, there is also this fake or pirated Olympics tickets being circulated.

Well, many expected the circulation of fake tickets. As jokes go around:

When you bring in toys in China, fake ones will flourish. When you bring in clothes in China, fake ones will flourish. when you bring in films and audios in CDs and DVDs inside China, fake ones will flourish. So do not bring in your wife to China lest fake ones will also flourish.

But in fairness to the Chinese people, not everything fake comes from them. And not everything that comes from them is fake. As a matter of fact, they still hold the most genuine virtue expected from mankind — loyalty. A recent study shows that Filipino-Chinese (Tsinoys) are more Filipinistic than pure-blooded Filipinos. Ang mga pure na Pilipino daa kaya mas gusto pang lumayas sa Pilipinas saka mas gusto pa ang imported na mga bagay-bagay kaysa sa mga Tsinoy. Dagdag pa kaan, an mga Tsinoy nationalistic pa sa Pilipinas kaysa sa mga tunay na Pilipino.


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ni Carlos A. Aréjola

GÎPAW BIKOL! Iyan an pigpapadarang text kan parasurat na si Jun Balde sa Kabulig Bikol1 kun igwang magayon na bareta, arog baga kun igwang Bikolano na nanggana sa kontes o igwa nin bagong libro na nagluwas. Iyan man an pigpapaabot ko sa saindo ngunyan na aldaw!

Gipaw Bikol! Has the corpus of Bikol literature expanded or developed? Is publishing better? Is Bikol literature being read and taught in schools and elsewhere? Are we better off today?2

Mga kahaputan ini kan taon 2000 sa Legaspi kan ginibo duman si enot na Pagsurat Bikolnon. Siring kan pagtiripon tang ini ngunyan, an pagtiripon na nasambit saro man na kumperensiya nin mga parasurat, paratukdo asin mga indibidwal na tawo na nagmamawot na igwang mga maginibohan sa pagpatalubo kan Literaturang Bikolnon.

An dating mga kahaputan tama na hinapot giraray kan taong 2004, sa ikaduwang kumperensiya na inapod nang Pagsurat Bikolnon: An Ikaduwang Kabtang. Siring kan naenot na paghaharampangaj kan mga parasurat asin paratukdo kan taojg 2000, ginibo an Pagsurat Bikolnon 2 sa Aquainas University sa Legazpi, padagos na pigpadalagan kan Center for Cultere and the Arts na pinapamayuhan kaidto ni Prop. Jazmin Llana na iyo man an nagtindog na direktor kan kumperensiya. Sa saiyang situationer3 na pigbasa duman, bilmg na pigsimbagan ni Prop. Paz Verdades Santos kan DLSU an mga kahapotan na nasambit.

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